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What Constitutes Successful Industrial Design?

Industrial designers know that developing a successful product means more than simply solving an engineering problem or specifying what materials to use. Imparting a character and personality to a product, one that reflects the values of the manufacturing company, is as important to the product's success as the actual functioning of the product itself. Strategically imparting these attributes in the design requires true artistic talents in addition to exceptional technical skills.

Integrated Design, a full-service design firm based in Great Neck, N.Y., has mastered the art of synergistically combining the esoteric aspects of marketing with the practical engineering considerations necessary for successful product development. Its highly diversified experience in assorted industries enables its design team to quickly identify the key product branding factors specific to each market.

Using a multi-disciplinary methodology, Integrated Design draws on the collective strength of its team in all aspects of industrial design, including creative, materials science, mechanics and manufacturing.
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"Understanding the inter-relationships between these disciplines allows a designer to rapidly analyze a problem or design challenge, and offer a multitude of possible solutions based on trade-offs, including risk, cost and desired outcome," explains Michael Paloian, President of Integrated Design.

Paloian, whose 30 years of industrial design experience includes numerous awards for innovative products, says that trust and good communication are the cornerstones of productive working partnerships with customers.

In addition to these practical attributes, integrity and honesty are also necessary qualities to maximize the successful results of a design project. "Honesty should not be recognized simply as a good virtue, it is an essential quality in the thinking process to objectively evaluate complex design parameters during the development process," he says.

The personality and training of an industrial designer will also shape the outcome of a design, according to Paloian, because an important part of the initial creative process draws on an industrial designer's personal experiences and his or her approach to finding solutions or seeking information.

" An industrial designer's perception is the most influential factor governing the outcome of a design. Perception is affected by one's knowledge and personality. A conservative designer, for example, will be less likely to take risks or solve a problem with an unconventional approach," Paloian says.

The richest creative designs, according to Paloian, come from design teams that share common values and skills, and are well informed in diverse bodies of knowledge. "The team at Integrated Design shares the same goals and vision of design excellence," he says, noting that a good product integrates technology with art while balancing financial considerations.

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